Laboratoire INNOTECH International

With a footprint spanning more than 100 countries around the world, Laboratoire INNOTECH International specialises in the design and marketing of health products, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals which are designed to treat every-day pathologies including gynaecological disorders, venous insufficiency, anaemia, and mineral deficiencies.

Our philosophy: improve patients' quality of life

INNOTHERA began developing an export department in 1974 and then converted it into a subsidiary in 1980.
Since it was established in 1980, Laboratoire INNOTECH International has strived to bring together, in one business unit, health associates located all around the world. Our people focus all their efforts and expertise on achieving one objective: to constantly enhance the performance of the INNOTECH® products they deliver in order to improve quality of life for patients.

Our tools: the development of innovative products and knowledge transfer

Developing the purchasing and licensing of innovative molecules, medical devices and smart textiles.
Acquiring innovative marketed products
Encouraging skills transfer to enrich research
Exports of finished products
Exports of semi-finished products in bulk and local packaging

Our strength: a real "export culture"

Whether through its own offices, subsidiaries or specialist agents, Laboratoire INNOTECH International enjoys a strong international presence that raises its profile and its prestige.
Since it was established, the firm has forged links with numerous countries, and in so doing, became a global health industry player.
Thanks to this policy of openness, the company's footprint now spans more than 100 countries, in the following regions:

    • Western Europe ;
    • Eastern Europe ;
    • Russia ;
    • the Commonwealth of Independent States ;
    • Sub-Saharan Africa ;

    • the Maghreb ;
    • the Balkans ;
    • South and Central America ;
    • the Middle East
    • Asia

Laboratoire INNOTECH International also stands out by virtue of its real ability to adapt to new commercial constraints that might be imposed by importer countries, and any industrial constraints. The creation of a medical offering meeting the most stringent quality standards ensures a strong and competitive positioning for all our products, across all geographical regions.

For Laboratoire INNOTECH International, the quality of its health products and services is THE top priority at every stage: Research, Development, Clinical Trials, Production – almost all carried out in France – Quality Control and Distribution.

Focus on Russian-speaking countries

Laboratoire INNOTECH International, a subsidiary of INNOTHERA, was one of the first pharmaceutical laboratories to set up in Russia, when it became possible to do so. Over twenty years ago, the laboratory opened representative offices and recruited dedicated teams in all Russian-speaking countries, and registered its first pharmaceutical products. In 2015, the subsidiary in Russia – INNOTECH OOO – was established, with its head office in Moscow. It currently has a team of over 130 staff working in Russia. The Russian-speaking zone is also constantly evolving: this is true in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and throughout the Caucasus and Central Asia. In this whole zone, Laboratoire INNOTECH International emphasises the renewal and extension of registrations of all its products.

The INNOTECH® range is perfectly suited to the needs of doctors and patients in this zone. Developments and innovations, including new presentations or additions to the range, have